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April, 02 2024

Muskogee Celebrates 20 Years of Dal-Tile: A Journey of Manufacturing Excellence

Muskogee, Oklahoma – On Monday, March 25th, Dal-Tile was presented with a proclamation at the Muskogee City Council meeting, acknowledging their outstanding presence in Muskogee for over 20 years. This recognition serves as a testament to Dal-Tile’s enduring commitment to the community and their significant contributions to the local economy.

Since its inception in June 2003, Dal-Tile has become an integral part of the community, contributing to industrial growth and exemplifying manufacturing excellence. As the focal point of John T. Griffin Industrial Park, Dal-Tile’s Muskogee facility has grown to encompass 1.4 million square feet of production and warehousing space, producing 25% of the domestic porcelain tile supply. Over the years, Dal-Tile’s team members have produced 2.7 billion square feet of floor tile, making a significant impact on the industry.

Additionally, Dal-Tile’s commitment to safety has earned them prestigious accolades such as the Safety Management Award and OSHA VPP recertification award. Muskogee commends Dal-Tile for prioritizing the well-being of their team members.

Over the past two decades, Dal-Tile has contributed to the adornment of over 8 million new homes across the United States, expanding its product line from 40 to over 700 offerings.

“Dal-Tile’s success is attributed to the exceptional quality of human resources in Muskogee,” said Monty Mooring, Plant Manager at Dal-Tile’s Muskogee facility. “The work ethic and mechanical aptitude of the people in and around the Muskogee area have provided a solid foundation for the tile manufacturing trade. Additionally, the ‘attention to detail’ orientation and dependability of our Muskogee Team have been instrumental in our success, allowing us to remain competitive in the market.”

Access to raw materials has been crucial for Dal-Tile’s Muskogee facility. Utilizing rail, truck, and barge transportation, Dal-Tile maintains resilience against industry challenges. This flexible approach ensures continuity in the supply chain, adapting to varying conditions such as heightened diesel costs or natural disasters. Notably, Arkansas river sand serves as a cost-effective filler, comprising over 20% of Dal-Tile’s Muskogee tile product.

“We congratulate Dal-Tile on this milestone,” stated Kimbra Scott, Executive Director at Port Muskogee. “Their dedication to safety, quality, and community has profoundly impacted Muskogee’s growth and prosperity. We’re proud to have them as part of our community and look forward to celebrating their continued success.”

Mayor Marlon Coleman officially declared March 26th Dal-Tile Day, recognizing and celebrating over 20 years of success for Dal-Tile. Port Muskogee joins in congratulating Dal-Tile on this remarkable achievement and eagerly anticipates continued collaboration and mutual growth in the future.

Dal-Tile hosted the first-quarter meeting for members of the Greater Muskogee Manufacturing Alliance (GMMA) and received special recognitions from Senator Mark Wayne Mullin and Mayor Coleman, as a further tribute to their two decades of operation in Muskogee.

About Dal-Tile:
Dal-Tile, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of ceramic tile and natural stone in North America. With over 70 years of industry experience, Dal-Tile is committed to providing innovative products, exceptional customer service, and sustainable practices. For more information, visit www.daltile.com.

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