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Our reputation for skill and innovation has evolved into emerging industries that are helping usher in the next chapter of America’s industrial renaissance. As Oklahoma’s #5 city for capital investment, momentum is happening in Muskogee, as evidenced by the recent investments from industries like tech, energy, aviation and battery and electric vehicle suppliers.


EV-Friendly State


State for National Gas Production


Energy Establishments within 60 miles


Oklahomans Employed in Energy Production within 60 miles


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County in Oklahoma for Capital Investment

Energy Technology

As Oklahoma leads the way to a new era of American energy independence, the global port city of Muskogee offers the timely opportunity through a strategic location offering multimodal mobility, a highly skilled workforce, and site assets well·suited to the needs of oil, gas and alternative energy technologies. Located at the center of the United States on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, Muskogee delivers year-round access to domestic and global markets with the reliable support and assistance needed by both new and existing companies. With superior economic stability and well-established supply chains, Muskogee provides greater opportunities for success.

A strategic location in the heart of American energy production, Muskogee puts your operation at the heart of the U.S. Wind Corridor, in close proximity to oil and gas producers, in a pro-business community where successful energy industry suppliers are already flourishing.



Oklahoma has a rich legacy of helping aerospace companies and 120,000+ industry employees reach new heights — and Muskogee is no exception. Centrally located within the Oklahoma-Arkansas Super Region for Advanced Mobility, Muskogee’s regional job growth outpacing the national average, more than 7,400 Oklahomans and 43 aerospace manufacturing businesses call northeastern Oklahoma home. Muskogee offers robust resources and advantages, such as 600 developable acres at Muskogee-Davis Regional Airport and close proximity to the world’s largest MRO facility, to help aviation leaders soar beyond the competition.


With an abundant talent pipeline and available industrial land, Muskogee has been laying the groundwork for tech operations and innovation for years, fostering an environment where tomorrow’s technology leaders can thrive. Today, Muskogee represents a new guard in the tech sector and data storage operations. A move to Muskogee means your company can take advantage of our central location, close proximity to a major city and a network of postsecondary institutions — all while experiencing one of lowest cost of living and tax burdens in America.

Battery & EV Suppliers

Recently named the #1 EV-friendly state and the nation’s first network of public EV chargers, Oklahoma is determined to take the leading role in the evolution to electric vehicle manufacturing in America. With its large manufacturing base, low business and energy costs and close proximity to a 400-acre OEM EV mega-manufacturing facility, Muskogee is well-positioned to become a destination for electrical vehicle suppliers and battery producers.



With more than 1,000 acres of publicly-owned industrial sites, it's easy to see why Muskogee is the land of infinite access and opportunity. Browse our list of featured sites and find your business's next home for operations.


Discover why Muskogee offers an ideal business environment for companies looking to reduce operating costs, reach global markets and access skilled talent.