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April, 14 2023

Port Muskogee awarded new resident a $10,000 housing stipend

With a record number of job openings locally and nationally, Port Muskogee’s Work Ready Program is creating tools for employers to recruit and retain residents to the Muskogee area. Supported by the City of Muskogee and the City of Muskogee Foundation, Port Muskogee understands the importance of recruiting talent to the community by advancing the Ready.Set.Move incentive.

Elaine Ealy is the next person to have received a $10,000 stipend for the purchase of a new home within Muskogee city limits.

Elaine, originally from Conway, Arkansas, has long had aspirations of working with Union-Pacific, but over the years, it never seemed to be the right moment or fit for her and her family. Finally, with encouragement from her daughter, Elaine applied for and received an offer for the management position of yard operations at the Union-Pacific facility located in Muskogee. Now, with the help of the Ready.Set.Move incentive, Elaine has become a resident of Muskogee. Dena Adams with BancFirst was the first person to tell Elaine about the opportunity to receive the stipend. Dena says, “The incentive is great. Anytime we can help people get into homes is an asset to both Muskogee and BancFirst.”  Elaine discovering that she was eligible to receive the stipend was a large motivator in taking that last step to move to Muskogee.

Liz Capps, Elaine’s realtor, explained that she feels excited and grateful to see people such as Elaine receive this housing stipend. Her favorite thing about the Muskogee community is how giving and welcoming it is to new residents.

When asked how the purchase of her new home has impacted her, Elaine replied, “It has impacted me in so many ways. The longer I stay here, the more it feels like home. I’m excited to venture out and explore all that Muskogee has to offer.”

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