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February, 16 2023

Port Muskogee Awarded Three $10K Housing Stipends to New Residents

With a record number of job openings locally and nationally, Port Muskogee’s Work Ready Program is creating tools for employers to recruit and retain residents to the Muskogee area. Supported by the City of Muskogee and the City of Muskogee Foundation, Port Muskogee understands the importance of recruiting talent to the community by advancing the Ready.Set.Move incentive. Three new residents and new employees of Muskogee-based companies received stipends for the purchase of a new home in the city limits at an event in Thursday in Muskogee.

Three companies in Muskogee applied for the incentive to be utilized by their new hires.

Georgia Pacific

Awardee: Mark Gurley, Industrial Maintenance


Awardee: Levi Gassaway, Quality Engineering

Pictured: Levi Gassaway and fiancé Hannah Gamble

Paradigm Shift

Awardee: Lemuel Young, Head of Sales


“It is incumbent upon smaller municipalities to have every tool in their arsenal when recruiting new industries to their communities. It is not enough to have jobs, but employers are also looking for communities that are complete live, work, and play friendly. To that end, we must have housing incentives that encourage employees to live in the communities where they work. This incentive builds the footprint our community needs for employers and their families,” said Mayor Marlon Coleman.


“The incentive definitely made the offer from Captive Air stronger than those from other nearby areas,” said Levi Gassaway who recently took a position with the company as a quality engineer. Levi is a 2019 graduate of Hilldale High School in Muskogee and the incentive was a driver in his decision to return to Muskogee. “It’s a good place to start a life, folks are friendly and respectful, and there’s a lot to do. Also, I missed Chet’s chili dogs!” – Levi Gassaway with Captive Aire

Lemuel Young relocated from Houston to Muskogee. On being offered a position in Muskogee he and his young family were looking in the region for housing. “Our first thought was to look closer to Tulsa,” said Lem. “This incentive was one of a handful of great benefits that solidified our decision to start working at Paradigm Shift and choose Muskogee for our home. This incentive truly sets working here apart from other organizations I’ve worked with”.

“They say your resource is found in your relationships. I’m looking forward to meeting and growing with many of the great people and families in Muskogee. But in particular, I’m looking forward to making great relationships with business owners and leaders in Muskogee to link arms together to benefit this town.” -Lemuel Young with Paradigm Shift

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