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September, 21 2023

Port’s Work Ready Program: Attracting Talent & Supporting New Residents

Port Muskogee continues to assist local businesses and employers to recruit and retain residents to the Muskogee area through their Work Ready initiatives. The Ready.Set.Move program has made a profound impact on the community by offering a generous $10,000 incentive to new homeowners in Muskogee, all in the hopes of attracting fresh talent to the region.

Nicole Hinds is a new recipient of the $10,000 stipend after accepting a position as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at Muskogee High School. In June 2023, Nicole, alongside her husband and dog, made the decision to relocate from Oklahoma City to Muskogee. Their decision was fueled by Nicole’s husband’s promising career opportunity as a dentist with the Cherokee Nation at the esteemed Three Rivers Health Center. Their move to Muskogee was underscored by their shared aspiration to raise a family and actively engage in their newfound community.

Nicole’s passion for teaching ESL has been a driving force in her life. It first ignited during her two-year service in Portugal with a local church, where she played a pivotal role in helping individuals enhance their communication skills. Reflecting on those experiences, she shared, “It was amazing to encourage these students through language learning.” To further pursue her passion for teaching, Nicole received a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Global Studies from UCO, complemented by the completion of a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification program.

Nicole said she is very grateful for the opportunity to help students who need additional assistance to excel in their education.

Hinds and her family have had a positive experience relocating to a new area. “Ever since we moved here, this community has welcomed us with open arms,” said Hinds. “We have really loved being part of this community and are excited to continue meeting new people and supporting our new home.”

With promising career prospects now firmly in place for both Nicole and her husband in Muskogee, they look forward to a future filled with excitement and the opportunities that Muskogee has to offer.

The Ready. Set. Move. Incentive was introduced in 2023 by the City of Muskogee Foundation and is administered through Port Muskogee. Since its inception, the incentive has provided a total of 9 grants totaling $90,000 and represents employees in industries including advanced manufacturing, tech, food processing, healthcare, and education. To learn more about the Ready.Set.Move. Incentive, please view the application requirements.

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